Your personal assistant for macOS

ChatPC is a personal AI assistant that knows how to use your macOS to help you organize your files, find information, learn faster, stay in touch with others, and more!

Your data will never be used to train AI models.

Get started in seconds

Works out of the box with Finder, Calendar, Contacts, Mail, Notes, Safari, and more!

Find answers, faster

Summarize, find, and get quick answers from your own documents by simply asking ChatPC.

You are in control

Choose which actions ChatPC can perform, and which actions require your approval.

End-to-end privacy

Your data will never be used to train AI models and all communication between ChatPC and OpenAI are encrypted.

How can ChatPC help me?

Organize files and find answers

ChatPC can rename and organize your files, as well as answer your questions based on information in your own documents.

Learn faster and more effectively

ChatPC can help you read faster, take notes, understand more deeply, and even test your knowledge!

Write more confidently

ChatPC can help you compose new messages, create replies, improve your writing, change your tone, fix your grammar, and more!

Connect to other GPTs

Give ChatPC access to the internet, code interpreter, and other GPTs through the ChatPC GPT.
Requires an OpenAI ChatGPT Plus subscription

Add your own integrations

Enhance ChatPC by adding custom actions to execute your own Shortcuts or AppleScript.