Delegate your daily tasks to ChatPC, a native macOS AI agent.

Use conversational language to automate your Mac, from organizing documents, summarizing articles, searching the web, responding to emails, managing calendars, and much more!

Your data will never be used to train AI models.

Automate your favorite apps

ChatPC connects seamlessly with Finder, Calendar, Mail, Notes, Safari, and more with custom actions.

You are in control

Choose which actions ChatPC can perform, and which actions require your approval.

End-to-end privacy

Your data will never be used to train AI models and all communication between ChatPC and OpenAI are encrypted.

Connect to other GPTs

Give ChatPC access to the internet, code interpreter, and other GPTs through the ChatPC GPT.
Requires an OpenAI ChatGPT Plus subscription

How can ChatPC help me?

Get instant answers

ChatPC turns your local documents into a knowledgebase so you can get instant answers by simply asking ChatPC.

Organize files

ChatPC can automatically rename and organize your files based on the file contents.

Learn faster

ChatPC can help you read faster, take notes, understand more deeply, and even test your knowledge!

Write more confidently

ChatPC can help you compose new messages, create replies, improve your writing, change your tone, fix your grammar, and more!