Mac automation meets AI

Use simple English to automate your Mac, from managing files to interacting with other Mac applications through Shortcuts and AppleScripts.

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Designed with safety in mind

With ChatPC, you dictate the rules. It’s designed from the ground up to ensure your peace of mind.

🛠️ You are in control

By default, ChatPC can’t access any of your files or run any Shortcuts or AppleScripts. Only grant permissions to what you’re comfortable with.

🛂 Explicit approvals

Ensure even more security by configuring which actions need your approval before executing.

🔐 End-to-end data privacy

Your data is your data. It is never used for training models and all communication between ChatPC and OpenAI are encrypted. See OpenAI’s Enterprise Privacy for more information.

Integrate seemlessly into your workflows

In addition to the built-in ChatPC chat interface, you can also prompt ChatPC inside your Shortcuts or AppleScripts!

Prompt with Shortcuts Prompt with Shortcuts

How does it work?

  1. Enable ChatPC to perform actions by adding folders, Shortcuts, and AppleScripts

  2. Prompt ChatPC through the built-in chat interface, a Shortcut, or an AppleScript

  3. ChatPC’s AI (powered by OpenAI GPT-3 and GPT-4) decides what actions to take and executes them

How it works

Get started for free!

To get started, check out the MacOS Getting Started Guide (MacOS 13.0 or higher required) or explore our subscription plans.