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What is a credit?

Credits are used each time you interact with the ChatPC AI. All words sent to or received from the AI, including words from performing actions (e.g. reading the contents of a file), count towards your credit usage.

The number of credits used varies based on word length and the specific AI model chosen. This table shows the approximate relationship between credits and words for each AI model.

Model 1,000 credits Basic Standard Pro
gpt-3.5-turbo ~750 words ~750,000 words ~1,875,000 words ~3,000,000 words
gpt-4 ~25 words ~25,000 words ~62,500 words ~100,000 words
gpt-4-turbo-preview ~60 words ~60,000 words ~150,000 words ~240,000 words

What is a GPT action?

For OpenAI ChatGPT Plus subscribers

A GPT action occurs whenever the ChatPC GPT interacts with your macOS (e.g. creates a file, composes an email).

Using the ChatPC GPT does not use up any credits.

Can I use my own OpenAI API key?

Yes! All paid subscription plans allow you to use your own OpenAI API key to avoid using ChatPC credits.