Chat with selected text

Chat with selection

ChatPC allows you to chat with selected text.

  1. Select some text in any application

  2. Open the chat window by clicking the menu bar icon, or via the keyboard shortcut Control-Option-Space (default).

  3. Once the chat window is open, you can see your selected text.

    import selected text

  4. If needed, you can edit the selected text.

  5. Use one of the one click actions, or write your own message like a normal chat.

Using the AI response

  1. You can copy the AI response with a click of a button.

  2. You can even insert the AI response into the frontmost app! Click the insert button of the response you want to insert, or use Command-Return to insert the latest response.

    chat response

Custom one-click prompts

  1. You can add your own custom one-click prompts for selected text under Settings > Chat. Drag and drop the prompts to reorder.

    custom prompts settings

    custom prompts example

    custom prompts usage