Example use cases

Ask questions on folder contents

Turn any folder into a local knowledgebase that you can ask questions on.


Go to Settings > Actions > Finder, add your folder, select it, and enable Knowledgebase.

Organize documents


Based on file name, organize the deeply nested files and subfolders in the 2 B Organized folder into one of the deeply nested subfolders of the Organized Documents Folder.

Only move files that you are confident in based on file name alone and do not move files you are unsure of. Only output a short explanation for each file or folder you are moving or not moving.

Rename files based on their contents

Summarize a local PDF

Summarize the current Safari page

Analyze journal entries from Notes

Quiz yourself on class Notes

Clean up unread Mail

Automatically categorize and clean up unread email.


Retrieve the unread emails in my inbox and using only the email information determine if each one is “Junk” or “Not junk”. Promotional emails count as junk. One strong signal for junk email is if it contains an unsubscribe option near the end of the email.

Your response should be only the list of junk emails. Each list item starts with the email subject followed by a one sentence justification for why each email is junk. Do not mention emails that are not junk.

Then tell me the total number of emails that were categorized as junk vs total emails analyzed.

Automatically coordinates events based on your Calendar availability